“the only other way of figuring it out [discoloration] is by cutting the fruit, but by then it's too late to sell”

- Eco Farms

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Compac's innovative Inspectra system is our safe, non-invasive, near-infrared (NIR) technology used for testing the internal properties of your produce.

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Compac Inspectra System

Compac’s innovative Inspectra system is our safe, non-invasive, near-infrared (NIR) technology used for testing the internal properties of your produce. 

NIR is an internal testing method that does not damage produce. To sort for internal properties, light is projected at a piece of produce, using halogens. The light that is reflected and transmitted is measured and analysed. By comparing the spectra of the projected light with the returned light, the rate of absorption can be measured.

Our advanced internal quality software uses the light absorption measurements to calculate grade values that then determine the internal properties in the produce and it is sorted accordingly.Because these measurements are taken using only light, your produce is never punctured, bruised or otherwise damaged.

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Inspectra in action

Watch the video to to experience firsthand how Inspectra is providing the fresh produce industry real value by testing internal properties of each piece of fruit.  

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Inspectra Features


Increasing Quality of Pack 

Your brand is everything, Inspectra enables you to protect it by keeping bad fruit out of the consumer’s hands. Customers are becoming more demanding on what they do and don’t want, ‘One bad apple can spoil the whole bunch.’ Inspectra gives you peace of mind and complements Compac’s external sorting systems.


Internal Defect 

With Inspectra, you can detect a defect that is not seen externally. This can recover an entire coolroom of produce that would otherwise be discarded. Inspectra sorts the good from the bad – you no longer have to cut the fruit to know what is inside.



By grading on different attributes like sugar levels or dry matter you can ensure your produce goes to the correct market for the best return. Inspectra can be used to ensure customer acceptance and an enjoyable eating experience from the produce.


Internal Color 

Internal color can be measured so you know what is inside without cutting it open.  Find out which kiwis are gold inside or if a mango is ripe.

inventory Management

Inventory Management

Managing your inventory is a crucial part of any business, especially with produce that has a shelf life.  Inspectra gives you the ability to choose what to export and indicates what sort of ripening process is required for the produce to get to the optimal level.



Grading fruit on softness is important as packhouses are dealing with customers that operate in different parts of the supply chain. There are customers who will prefer to purchase only firm fruit in their packs and others are happy to buy softer fruit in their packs, but both want the very soft removed. Inspectra can remove soft produce, keeping it  out of the hands of the consumer.

Inspectra Lease Model

Inspectra is offered by Compac via a lease model. This ensures no hidden costs and all support and maintenance is taken care of. It also means that you will be upgraded with Compac’s latest IQS software as it becomes available. 

Your Inspectra lease includes:

  • 24/7 Phone Support
  • Model making
  •  Annual pre-season check-ups
  •  Technical Support Callout
  •  Replacement Mechanical & Electronic Parts
  •  Yearly software upgrades

* Note in some markets due to local considerations, the lease model cannot be offered and Inspectra will be sold with an accompanying service contract

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