"They are truly like our partners, they didn't just sell us a bit of equipment"

- Booth Ranches


A Compac retrofit enables you to get the most up-to-date Compac Sizer and InVision software with features such as multi-pack weight optimization and smart outlet allocation strategies.


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A Compac retrofit is a “brain transplant” for your existing machine to install the latest Compac InVision and weight grading technology. As it utilizes the existing mechanical components, weighing and solenoid electronics a retrofit eliminates the need for a complete sorter replacement. This is an affordable way to extend the life of your current packhouse machinery.


Benefits of a retrofit include:

  • The latest Compac Sizer and InVision software
  • Improved colour grading abilities
  • The retrofit can be transplanted onto a new Compac sorter in future
  • Shorter install time reduces packhouse downtime
  • Improved sorting abilities reduces labor input