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A letter from our CEO, Ken Moynihan.




Hello there,

Over the past several days, the gravity of the COVID-19 pandemic situation has become apparent. On both the business and personal level this is a difficult period for us all.

First, I hope that your family, employees and friends are all safe and well.

While the next few months will undoubtedly challenge our industry and the economy overall, I want to inform you that we have taken steps to ensure continued support of your operation, and to be in position as much as is possible, to maintain business as usual.

Our distributed manufacturing model allows us to balance the production of parts and equipment across multiple facilities located in New Zealand, China and Europe. This gives us the flexibility to react and minimize supply chain disruptions as the situation evolves. After a temporary slow-down, our China manufacturing plant is back to operating at capacity. At this stage, we expect to continue the delivery of parts and equipment within standard lead times.

In preparation for likely supply chain disruptions, we have identified and stockpiled critical components, and this action will help us ensure that our Service operations can continue to function as the situation unfolds.

Over the past years, we have invested in the diversification of our capabilities, locating more of our experts closer to our customers’ fruit and establishing strong local partner networks. Our regional service model allows us to continue offering local support, lessening the impact due to travel restrictions.

We also plan to leverage remote service and training tools for additional capacity, supporting our customers without needing to be physically on-site whenever that is feasible.

As you know, Compac is part of the larger TOMRA Food organization, with a structure of 4,000+ employees globally. This provides an additional layer of resources that we can leverage, should the need to strengthen our market support arise.

Most importantly, I want you to know that we are taking every measure to ensure our employees stay safe and healthy, and by extension, helping you and your employees do the same. We have already instituted a no-international travel policy for all employees, and organized for team members in several functions to work remotely.

While our industry will inevitably face significant challenges in the weeks and months ahead; I believe the preparatory steps we have taken put us in the best possible position. Please know we will continue to evaluate all available actions to ensure support for your business during these difficult times.

I will be sharing more updates with you in the future, as the situation develops. Meanwhile, you can address specific questions or concerns to your local Compac representative or by contacting one of our regional service operation manager.

I wish you, your family and your employees well.

Best Regards,

Ken Moynihan | CEO