Sizer Simulator

Sizer Simulator is the latest breakthrough innovation for the fresh produce industry, designed as a performance improvement tool to help users engage with the advanced features of the Sizer Software within a safe, no-risk virtual environment.

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Sizer Simulator

Sizer Simulator delivers a seamless training experience via a digital, risk-free environment to upskill machine operators.

Sizer Simulator creates virtual produce to replicate a live production run, so you can test improvements even when there are no physical produce available to pack.

Machine operators can experiment with the latest software functionality and gain evidence-based results before implementing new solutions.

Through the adoption of new software features, your facility will be able to delivery higher outputs and maximise performance of existing equipment.

Machine operators play a critical role in the packhouse to deliver consistent high quality packout whilst driving improvements for operational efficiency. With the introduction of Sizer Simulator every machine operator is capable of delivering this competitive advantage, by gaining valuable expertise at any time of year using this powerful simulation tool.
- Gopi Ravi, Product Manager

Why use Sizer Simulator?

Sorter Performance Optimization tool

Simulator allows you to perfect your pack out before produce has run across the machine. Analyse the performance of different Sorter configurations with real produce data recorded from your machine and find which configuration yields the best results.

Access to all Sizer Software features

Simulator allows you to experiment with all the latest Sizer Software features. This provides clear, tangible results of how these features will improve your yield and efficiency before it is implemented on your sorter.

Train and Upskill Machine Operators

With Simulator you will be able to give new operators a virtual, no-risk environment to get them up to speed before the season begins. Your team will be able to train at their convenience, even during the off-season when there is no real produce to pack

Sizer Simulator Introduction

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