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A supervisory control and data acquisition (“SCADA”) product. It provides unrivalled line control and automation by leveraging Compac’s expertise in post-harvest solution and intimate knowledge of the industry leading Compac sorting solutions and grading platforms.

Reliable, Secure and Interoperable

Built on industry leading Wonderware® by Aveva, smartline’s reliability, security and interoperability are assured. Together with Compac’s established expertise for electrical design and automation, it completes the line control capability for turnkey project delivery and support.

Incorporating situational awareness concepts, smartline provides the user with highly contextualized and easily interpreted information specific to key process issues. Coupled with intuitive control, this enables users to improve real-time decision making leading to faster response, better staff utilization and increased production.

Visually clear information and responsive controls help our operators keep the line running at capacity so we can focus on getting the best results for our growers, our customers and our business.
- Kaiaponi Farms, Gisborne, New Zealand

Benefits of Smartline

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Complete Visibility and Control

Respond quickly to issues with fast access to automation controls. Improving on older products, Smartline offers increased visibility by displaying an integrated layout on a single screen including access to all the key control functionality including motor locations, start/stop, speed control and Estop locations.

user centric design

User Centric Design

Minimize staff training needs and make automation more accessible across the team. Smartline has been designed with packhouse operators in mind and tested with leading customers. The modern familiar interface ensures your team is packing produce and not searching for manuals.

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Situational Awareness

Never miss an important issue. Operator focus is maximized by presenting highly contextualized and easily interpreted information specific to key process issues such as active alarms and events and automatically decluttering other information.

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Complete Support Coverage

Ensure fast resolution of faults and lower your cost of ownership. A complete electrical and automation solution from Compac means our skilled service team cover all aspects of the machine, avoiding multiple service call outs and scheduling conflicts.

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