"UltraView represents thousands of hours of R&D and we are proud of both the end results, and our ability leverage technology to resolve some the industries biggest challenges"

- Josh Stroobant, Mechanical Team Lead Inspection Systems – R&D

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A new level of fruit grading performance has arrived. 


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The fresh produce industry continues to seek opportunities to meet market demands and increase the efficiency and profitability of its supply chain.  Packhouses must satisfy the rising quality expectations of consumers, at the same time they work to increase process yield and reduce waste.  Also, in many regions the industry continues to be challenged by issues around limited availability and rising costs of manual labor.



Since its introduction in 2016, our industry-leading Spectrim sorting platform has delivered a step change in adding value to packed crops and increasing operational efficiency at hundreds of packhouses in over 50 countries worldwide and counting.  At Compac we thrive on innovation and ask the question “What’s next?”, as we look to continually create more value for our customer operations.


The UltraView inspection module complements and extends the superior grading capabilities of the Spectrim platform, by improving detection of those defects that are most challenging to see and sort.  Many of those defect types are located in the critical stem bowl and tip areas of the fruit.  Working alongside our customers, we understood that significantly advancing detection performance in this area will deliver the next level of process value to the packhouse.  With UltraView it is now possible to further reduce or eliminate manual grading, maintaining a consistently high throughput even when packing fruit lots with high defect loads.  Those advances unlock additional opportunities to increase process efficiency and reduce labor on the line, by enabling the adoption of more pack automation at the sorter outlets.


UltraView is our latest step in the journey towards a fully automated, lights-out produce pack line.  And, consistent with our philosophy of product platforms that are scalable to evolve and maximize customer returns over the life of the investment, UltraView is available as an easy upgrade to boost performance of existing Spectrim lines.

See more of your fruit.
Spectrim UltraView.

UltraView Fundamentals

UltraView next-generation sensor technology creates superior quality images of the fruit to advance detection of difficult defects. UltraView integrates with the Spectrim cabinet and is powered by the same powerful and easy-to-use Spectrim vision software. 


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High Performance Hardware

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Powerful Imaging 

UltraView delivers the highest quality images available from a produce inspection system.  It does so by locating its sensors in a unique position in close proximity to the fruit, and integrating next-generation sensors with calibrated LED lighting.



The LED lighting facilities of UltraView are designed to maximize sensor performance, allowing the cameras to see with clarity and distinction very small and subtle defects.


Sensors & Cameras

UltraView features next-generation multi-spectral cameras from Tomra Compac, the leader in sensor technology for food inspection.  UltraView cameras inspect each fruit from both sides of the carrier at high resolution, both in the visible color and infrared space.

Intelligent Software


Software designed for usability 

UltraView uses the same powerful yet easy-to-use vision software that drives the Spectrim cabinet.  Leveraging intelligent machine automation features like SmartSkin and  SmartMap, UltraView is designed to deliver a highly intuitive operator experience in a package that does not compromise on performance.



Through the power of machine learning algorithms, the SmartSkin feature allows the operator to easily teach UltraView the good and defective parts of the fruit, via a simple point-and-click process that is as fast as it is foolproof.



Using a similarly simple point-and-click process, SmartMap allows the operator to teach UltraView how to classify different defects to create accurate grade packs.  The system automatically suggests fruit conditions and potential defects for the operator to classify, reducing setup time and improving grading accuracy.

Compac Modular Inspection Solutions Know Everything There Is To Know About Each Piece Of Fruit.

The Compac UltraView inspection module integrates with the Spectrim cabinet to provide ultimate detection of defects located in the critical stem bowl and tip area of the fruit. 


UltraView maximizes Spectrim grading performance while increasing line efficiency and continuing to reduce packhouse labor requirements.



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Spectrim = Ultimate external grading performance on fruit color, blemishes, rot and other decay, cut, punctured or damaged fruit.



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UltraView = Enhanced detection of the most difficult external defects, including around the critical stem bowl and tip regions.



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Inspectra2 = Grading on internal defects that are undetectable from an external inspection of the fruit.  And, grading based on fruit taste profile and chemical characteristics.

“UltraView takes the power of the Spectrim platform to the next level. It improves pack accuracy and takes another step in the direction of a fully automated pack line”
- Marco Azzaretti , Senior Manager, Solutions Marketing
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