“The cherry growing season is very short, and there is a lot of fruit coming online over the season, for which we needed increased sorting capacity,”

- San Clemente

InVision SFS

InVision is Compac’s world leading size, shape, color and blemish grading platform for cherries. It combines powerful imaging, controlled lighting, and cherry rotation with a robust and maintainable design to enable accurate and consistent grading.

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Features and Benefits


InVision builds a 3D model of each fruit, cherries are generally sized by equatorial diameter to accurately match industry sizing standards


Compac’s software has been built to recognize specific shape attributes, this is particularly useful for identifying doubles and spurs


InVision includes tried and testing color mapping that provides precise color splits to ensure high color consistency in every box


Powerful hardware combined with intelligent software allows InVision Seven View CIR to accurately detect and classify a wide range of typical cherry defects


Compac’s industry-leading blemish software incorporates new machine learning algorithms to provide an easy-to-use interface that does not compromise on performance

7 views of the cherry with InVision Total View

Total View is the new cherry grading technology that utilizes learnings from Compac’s Spectrim platform to improve outcomes for cherry-specific produce lines.  Total View is available as a modular upgrade for existing customers, and as part of Compac’s cherry inspection solution InVision 7-View

Read more about Total View here

Cherry 7 view

One bad cherry can ruin a box. Our customers rely on our technology to maintain the quality of their product and protect their reputation and brand.
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Cherry case studies

Watch our cherry case study videos to experience firsthand how Compac cherry solutions are providing world leading packers with technology that ensures maximum quality and efficiency. 

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