"It's a huge competitive advantage to have a sorter like this"

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TOMRA Fresh Food | Compac works with leading packhouses around the world to deliver them outstanding performance in terms of fruit weight grading, colour sorting, internal quality and color sorting.

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TOMRA Fresh Food | Compac has over 30 years experience designing and building integrated packhouse technology; from infeed through to our world class after sales support.

The benefits of our end-to-end pear solutions are:

Gentle handling

Intelligent optimizers to minimize product giveaway

Highly consistent color sorting

Unrivalled internal quality sorting

Lower labor requirements

Greater crop returns

Full traceability from orchard to supermarket

Packing performance metrics and compliance

Discover how Compac can help transform your packhouse

  • Infeed & Treatment
  • Sorting & Grading
  • Packing
  • Carton Handling,
    Palletizing & Robotics
  • Data & Analysis
  • Service & Support

Infeed & Treatment

TOMRA Fresh Food | Compac's pear infeed solutions ensure a gentle transition from bin or field box to the sorter. Options include:


Bin Tipping

Our bin tipping technology is fully automated and efficient and dumping bins of pears gently into water flumes for transportation. Our systems cater for between 45-100 bins per hour.


Small Fruit Eliminator

Using a mesh-like conveyor, under-sized pears are redirected before they reach the grader.



TOMRA Fresh Food | Compac's pear treatment options include:



Water Flume and Pumping Systems

There is no better way to ensure a gentle transportation of pears than with our stainless steel water flume transportation and pumping systems, custom-made to customers specific requirements.


Washing Units

The washer gently and effectively removes spray residue, pests and other contaminants from pears before sorting.



Air Blade

TOMRA Fresh Food | Compac's stainless steel air blades ensure pears are dried and debris removed. Their unique design reduces noise pollution in the packhouse.

pears drying room
Drying Room

TOMRA Fresh Food | Compac's closed drying room controls temperature and humidity, ensuring pears are dry and ready for packing. The benefits of our closed room solution are: better control, lower maintenance and less energy consumption.

Sorting & Grading

Central to TOMRA Fresh Food | Compac's pear solutions is our state-of-the-art sorting technology. Your production requirements and capacity will determine whether single, dual or multi-lane sorting capabilities are right for your packhouse. What differentiates our sorting solutions is our innovative, industry-leading SpectrimInspectra and InVision pear grading systems. Both systems reduce labor requirements and provide you with unparalleled sorting consistency and accuracy.



TOMRA Fresh Food | Compac's weighing and pack optimization software delivers unsurpassed accuracy by meeting pack specifications, reducing pear giveaway and maximizing profits.


Our intelligent, easy-to-use software enables intuitive recognition of fruit types and will adjust grading accordingly. Our systems can accurately perceive dark colors, subtle browns, soft pinks and stripes commonly found in different varieties of pear.


Keep bad pears out of a good box and reduce fruit giveaway with TOMRA Fresh Food | Compac's Inspectra - a non-invasive solution for internal defect grading. The NIR spectrometer can detect defects including brix. 


TOMRA Fresh Food | Compac's packing solutions have been designed with pears in mind, ensuring a particularly gentle transition and handling. We have many pear packing solutions to meet the different needs of our customers including:



Bin Filling

TOMRA Fresh Food | Compac's soft-head rotary bin filling solution is particularly gentle on pears, distributing them evenly into the bin. Sensors detect when the bin is full and move on to the next. Water bin filling functions are also available for gentle, high capacity water filling.


Tray Filling

TOMRA Fresh Food | Compac's tray filler is an efficient, gentle system designed to move pears from a cross conveyor into trays. Height adjustable, the filler can accommodate different tray sizes, small boxes or cartons. Customers using this system have seen significant reductions in their tray filling costs.

Bagging no commodity


TOMRA Fresh Food | Compac's manual or semi-auto bagging systems use unique optimizers to select the optimal combination of fruit across the sorter, ensuring accurate bag weights are achieved, with the minimum possible giveaway.

Punnet no commodity 

Punnet and Tote

TOMRA Fresh Food | Compac's technology allows punnet, tote and clam-shell filling by both count and weight to ensure the optimal quantity of pears in the punnet.

Carton Handling & Robotics

Reduce your labor requirements with our automated Carton Handling Systems (CHS).


The CHS tracks cartons from the sorter and distributes them to different destinations within the packhouse for palletizing and shipping. These intelligent systems can manage multiple boxes, products and destinations simultaneously. CHS integrates with the TOMRA Fresh Food | Compac Pack Printing system to automate carton labeling and data transfer to your ERP system for traceability, compliance and stock control.  

TOMRA Fresh Food | Compac's pallet handling solutions improve efficiency. Our robotics ensure efficient and safe transportation of pallets around the packhouse, especially for high volume operations.

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Data & Analytics


TOMRA Fresh Food | Compac's data and integration solutions track and record all pears as they cross the sorter and move through the packhouse. This information can then be shared with other packhouse systems such as ERP, traceability systems and carton printing applications. Reports on the performance of your operation can be generated, allowing you to feed this information back into your operation, making changes to optimize efficiency.  We also facilitate remote sampling of various grades and sizes of pears for packhouse quality control.

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After Sales Service & Support

Our industry-leading service and technical support network is dedicated to ensuring you have the right support to keep your packhouse running smoothly 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. TOMRA Fresh Food | Compac U backs up this support with a comprehensive training program, turning your operators into experts in packhouse technology and operations.  

In addition to a 24/7 support team, online tools and resources, our after sales service includes: annual pre-season servicing of your TOMRA Fresh Food | Compac equipment; regular site audits - both mechanical and electrical; training and certification programs. Our aim is to turn your operators into experts and in doing so ensure maximum efficiency within your packhouse.

We also have our network of regional offices and partners across 15 different countries to provide localised support for our customers.

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