“inspectra² doesn’t just deliver easy modelling, it’s about getting really consistent results over the season”


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Inspectra2 NIR platform has breakthrough production performance, delivering high accuracy on internal quality without the operational overhead of traditional systems.

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The new Inspectra2

Near-infrared inspection (NIR) analyses the spectra of light that is transmitted through every piece of produce to determine internal characteristics.

External appearance is important for buyers’ purchase decisions, but internal quality is critical for consumer satisfaction. Beyond protecting and enhancing your brand, NIR can increase profitability through supply chain optimization and reduced food waste.

Inspectra2 is Compac’s latest platform designed to make NIR mainstream by consistently delivering high grading accuracy while making it easy to implement in your packhouse.

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Inspectra2 in Action

Watch the video to  experience firsthand how Inspectra is providing the fresh produce industry real value by testing internal properties of each piece of fruit.  

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Why use NIR?

Premium products

Create Premium Products

Your brand is everything, Inspectra2 enables you to protect it by keeping bad tasting fruit out of the consumer’s hands. By grading on different attributes like sugar levels and dry matter you can ensure your produce goes to the correct market for the best return.

remove internal defects

Remove Internal Defects

With Inspectra2, you can detect a defect that is not seen externally. This can recover an entire orchard block or coolroom of produce that would otherwise be discarded. Inspectra2 sorts the good from the bad so you no longer have to cut samples of fruit to know what’s inside.

supply chain

Supply Chain optimization

Inspectra2 gives you the ability to choose what to export and allows you to optimize your maturity and supply chain routing based on internal quality. Grading fruit on softness is important as packhouses are dealing with customers that operate in different points in the supply chain.

Reducing food waste

Reduce Food Waste

Inspectra2 packhouses have seen significant reductions in their levels of wastage in three key ways. By being able to recover and pack good produce from lower quality lots, minimizing the good produce in the waste stream and by having a better understanding of maturity and eating quality.

Inspectra2 Innovations

consistant hardware

Consistent Hardware

Inspectra2’s innovative design ensures every lane around the world performs identically. For packhouses, this means operators no longer need to model and manage each individual spectrometer because each lane delivers consistent high accuracy results every day of the season.

operational focus

Operational Focus

Consistent hardware and improved software enables operators to quickly optimize their models as varieties and quality changes throughout the season. By reducing operational overheads, Inspectra2 is easier to implement within packhouses and is more responsive to produce changes.


High Accuracy

Inspectra2 has taken a leap forward in accuracy. While ensuring a quality packed product, it is much more successful at minimizing the amount of packable produce that is lost.

global reach 3

Global Reach

Inspectra2 can be retrofitted onto many existing sorters and provides a complete grading solution when paired with Compac’s Spectrim.

A fruit’s external appearance is important for the first purchase by consumers, but for repeat purchases, a complete experience is vital. That means the fruit must taste as good as it looks – and that is why our customers will use Inspectra²™ to ensure a positive experience with consumers and ultimately protect their brand.
- Andrew McQueen, Product manager
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Common Applications


Apple packhouses use Inspectra2 to keep internal defects out of the box and guarantee a clean product is eaten

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Kiwifruit packers use Inspectra2 to meet dry matter and brix taste standards to improve consumer eating experiences


Citrus packhouses usually use Inspectra2 to create high brix products to export to premium export markets


Avocado sheds use Inspectra2 to segregate by dry matter to optimize ripening and timing through the supply chain

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