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Infeed & Treatment

Infeed is the first stage of our packhouse solution and is the method by which produce is transferred onto the line. Beginning with tipping, the infeed process includes small fruit eliminator, washing and treatment, a chemical treatment, waxing, polishing and drying.

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Dynamic Lane Balancer

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The TOMRA Fresh Food Dynamic Lane Balancer allows you to maximize the operational effectiveness of your sorting line by providing overall increased throughput through better distribution of fruit while reducing spill and recycle rates, and damage to fruit. The real-time software allows the Dynamic Lane Balancer to react to the many variables that exist within your packhouse, adjusting automatically for changes in fruit-flow between batches, varieties, or different commodities on your line.


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TOMRA Fresh Food | Compac offer a variety of automated tipping options designed to meet a diverse range of needs. 

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We provide solutions for tipping bins, field boxes and manual tipping. We cater for wet and dry methods depending on your produce type. All tipping options have been designed and manufactured from quality materials with a focus on gentle handling, speed and automation. Additional options include bin and box stacking and destacking, to increase throughput and maximise the efficiency of your packhouse.

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Washing & Treatment


To ensure your produce is beautifully presented and ready to eat when it arrives at market, TOMRA Fresh Food | Compac provides a full range of washing and treatment options suited to your produce type. From the safe and effective removal of contaminants and pests, to waxing, buffing and shining your produce to their best and brightest in preparation for packing.

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