"Compac would meet our needs now and in the future better than any other company"

- Prima Frutta

Material Handling

TOMRA Fresh Food | Compac's material handling solution is the final piece of your complete integrated packhouse solution. Our system is designed increase efficiency within your packhouse and is ideal for high volume operations.

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Carton Handling


TOMRA Fresh Food | Compac's automated Carton Handling Systems (CHS) reduces labor required for materials handling in your packhouse. Boxes or cartons can be traced from the sorter and delivered to different destinations for palletizing and shipping.
The system knows the location of each box and is able to intelligently distribute them to various locations and destinations within the packhouse. Our system can handle multiple types of cartons moving through the packhouse at the same time.
Check weighing is integrated with this system to ensure all cartons are packed to the specified weight.
This can be done while the box is moving to maximise efficiency and maintain full automation.

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The palletizing solution is designed for stacking boxes by size and format.
The boxes are collected and packed on to the pallet and then stacked to the required height.
Our palletizers are flexible and can accommodate a number of product types.
Our automated pallet handling products increase efficiency within the packhouse, especially for high volume operations and include, de-stacking, feeding, strapping and wrapping.

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