"Give the customers what they want with minimum bag weight"

- Mr Apple


TOMRA Fresh Food | Compac provides a wide range of products to cater for the demands of different packhouses including bag, tray, box, punnet, bin filling and pattern packing options. As with all of our solutions, we can customize the way the produce is packed to meet your requirements.

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Bag Fillers

Bagging bag fillers

We supply a range of manual and semi auto baggers which connect directly to the sorter. These baggers can fill poly or mesh bags and come in a variety of sizes. Our baggers fill to the  correct weight through accurate  selection of the best possible combination of fruit from across the sorter. The unique optimizers contained within our Sizer software means a reduction in product giveaway and a better return from the crop. 

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Tray Fillers


TOMRA Fresh Food | Compac's tray filler is an efficient, gentle system designed to move produce from a cross conveyor into trays, significantly reducing the costs of manual tray filling for packhouses. Height adjustable, the filler can accommodate different tray sizes, small boxes or cartons. The tray filler assembly is positioned underneath and parallel to the cross conveyors of your Compac sorter. Produce is distributed evenly across the trays by feeding empty trays forward in small, calculated increments from the back end of the tray filler.

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Box Fillers

Bagging box filling

TOMRA Fresh Food | Compac box filling accurately and gently fills boxes and cartons of various sizes. Our box fillers have accuracy down to a single piece of produce and can fill at speeds of three to four boxes per minute. Using our innovative sizer software and a feed belt equipped with sensors, every individual piece of produce is counted as it is packed into a box or carton. Our box filling weighing option ensures boxes meet a certain weight while still filling at a speed of three to four boxes per minute.

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Punnet Fillers


TOMRA Fresh Food | Compac's punnet-filling solution allows for easy and accurate filling of punnets from the sorter. Our sizer software fills punnets and clam-shells by both count and weight. First the produce is weighed by roller-carriers and the weighing functions built into our sorters. Using the Exact Pack Weight Optimizer (EPWO), our sizer software then delivers the exact number of pieces for filling to achieve an accurate minimum weight.

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Pattern Packing


TOMRA Fresh Food | Compac has a pattern packing solution for citrus, peaches, nectarines, apples and tomatoes. The packer has the ability to pack into different carton types. Horizontal and vertical motion precision handling system ensures produce is handled delicately and the non-pressure sensors avoid damaging the produce during packing.

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Place Packing via Rotary Table


Place packing for delicate or high value produce is managed by TOMRA Fresh Food | Compac's rotary filling stations. These accumulate produce which is then hand packed by workers. Our rotary tables are equipped with sensors to detect how full the table is, eliminating overfilling which causes damage to produce. Outlet displays communicate pack and grade information to workers at the station.

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Bin Fillers


TOMRA Fresh Food | Compac's soft-head rotary bin filling solution is particularly gentle on produce, distributing your fruit evenly into the bin. Sensors detect when the bin is full and move on to the next. A range of bin filling options are available, ranging from single manual-swing fillers to high capacity, fully automated systems. Water bin filling functions are available for gentle, high capacity water filling.

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