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- Booth Ranches

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Retrofit your packhouse with Spectrim 

TOMRA Fresh Food | Compac has had a very busy and successful year installing Spectrim into leading apple, citrus, stonefruit, kiwifruit and avocado packhouses around the globe.  Following this success, we’ve had many requests from new customers to retrofit existing lines from other manufacturers with Spectrim.

To meet this demand, TOMRA Fresh Food | Compac has a team of engineers dedicated to delivering the world’s best grading platform to packhouses like yours.

Key benefits of upgrading your packhouse with a Spectrim retrofit:

  • Consistency & quality
  • Reduced cost-per-pack
  • Increased pack-out
  • Intelligent software
  • Future-proof platform
  • Hygienic design

See it to believe it! 

Spectrim did not simply take our downgrades and classify them as such, but they also allowed us make different splits of downgrades that helped us increase the value of that fruit in the processing world.
- Ross Williams, Packing Facility Manager, Titan Farms
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Benefits of upgrading your packhouse with a Spectrim retrofit 

Spectrim qulity

Consistency and quality

Consistency and quality of packed produce is the number one goal for all leading packhouses we recently surveyed. Spectrim matches the quality to the grade using a combination of high performance hardware and new machine learning algorithms to accurately and repetitively put the right fruit in the right box. This protects your fresh brand promise as your customers will consistently get the exact specification they require. The result is increased profitability as you are not giving away quality to the market and growers are rewarded for harvesting great produce.

Cost per pack

Reduced cost-per-pack

Skilled labor is becoming more difficult to find and increasingly expensive to keep. Spectrim’s ability to remove manual sorters allows packhouses to reduce labor overheads and therefore reduce cost-per-pack. You don’t have to keep staff on standby to handle the variety of requirements for operating your packhouse, giving you the confidence to respond to whatever quality produce comes in and whatever grades your customers want.

Spectrim packout

Increased pack-out

Packhouses with Spectrim have seen an increase in their pack-out, resulting in increased revenue for their business. This is achieved by increasing throughput and reducing produce give-away. Spectrim removes bottlenecks by running the sorter at capacity no matter what the quality of the fruit is. Manual sorting results in inconsistencies and produce give-away, as good fruit may get incorrectly downgraded. Alternatively, Spectrim allows the operator to precisely configure packs to exact customer requirements; having the ability to either pack the perfect box or pack to the exact tolerances of your customer.


Intelligent software

A Spectrim retrofit on your line not only gives you powerful hardware but also access to intelligent software. The objective of Spectrim was to be the most advanced defect sorting software, but to reach its potential we had to balance performance, flexibility and simplicity. This was achieved through machine learning algorithms with two new advanced software modules SmartSkin and SmartMap.  Spectrim is designed to adapt to changing fruit conditions while catering to advanced and basic users so operators have all the tools they need to meet the exact grading specification. 

Spectrim Hinge

Future-proofed platform 

Designed with future upgrades in mind, Spectrim is a platform capable of receiving hardware upgrades as new technology becomes available. The benefit of investing in a platform rather than a product allows the packhouse to stay at the leading edge of defect sorting for longer without frequent large capital investment. Having a modular platform allows packhouses to buy the system they need today whilst also having the ability to access hardware as their business requirements change, phasing their investment. 


Hygienic Design  

It is important when upgrading a piece of equipment that best standard food safety practice has been followed.  Spectrim has been designed from the ground up with robust hygienic requirements.  Using appropriate materials and designs which facilitates easy cleaning, the Spectrim platform promotes food trust with your customers and supply chain.

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Spectrim in action

Watch the video to experience firsthand how Spectrim is providing the fresh produce industry with technology that ensures maximum quality and efficiency. 

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