"With this [Compac] system traceability is very, very good"

- Elite Apple

Data & Analytics

Compac’s data and integration solutions track and record all produce as it crosses the sorter. This information can be shared with other packhouse systems for improved operations and reporting.

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Sizer Simulator

sizer simulator overview

Sizer Simulator is the latest breakthrough innovation for the fresh produce industry, designed as a performance improvement tool to help users engage with the advanced features of the Sizer Software within a safe, no-risk virtual environment.

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user centric design

A supervisory control and data acquisition (“SCADA”) product. It provides unrivalled line control and automation by leveraging Compac’s expertise in post-harvest solution and intimate knowledge of the industry leading Compac sorting solutions and grading platforms.




Compacs traceability system records and stores information about your produce as it moves through the packhouse. Handheld barcode scanners track incoming bins, identifying them by variety, orchard block location, grower, bin weight, fullness and picker details. Bins are then  scanned into the sorting line at bin tip and their information is recorded.

Our sizer software tracks produce as it moves through the sorting machine, identifying the location of each individual piece of produce and which bag, box or carton it has been placed in to. The system has detailed reporting functions to provide valuable information on your packhouse operations.

Pack Printing


Compac pack printing is a smart solution for labeling, gathering, storing and reviewing information on your packhouse operation.  It is suitable for small cartons or boxes, right through to large bins and can be a valuable tool to measure and improve the productivity of your packhouse. All pack printing information, down to the individual packers, is stored in a central database for future recall, review and assessment. Pack printing can be combined with a full carton handling and tracking system for even greater automation and can be expanded to become part of a full traceability solution for your packhouse.

Remote Sampling


Remote sampling is a Compac software solution that allows packhouse quality control to program and request samples via a touch screen computer separate to the main operating computer. The sampling station operator can select a combination of grades and sizes to be sampled, set the sample quantity and ratio as well as specify which gate the sample exits from.